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Chef Papi YaviMy name is Josh Yavitch I love to cook healthy food at home for myself my lovely girlfriend, Evelyn and anyone else for that matter! Cooking food has always been a passion of mine. As a kid I remember hanging out in the kitchen with my mom making family dinners. I often ask her various tips and tricks on making homemade stocks and soups (her specialities).

My cooking style is rooted from my mothers cooking, however, it has dramatically changed over years and has evolved into clean, healthy cooking techniques.

I use the word techniques sparingly, I have never formally been trained nor have I taken a cooking class (when I do you better believe I’ll blog about it). As a matter as fact, my girlfriend, Evelyn, dubbed me Chef Papi Yavi after meeting my cousin, Noah, whose twitter handle is PapiYavi. She loved the name and I totally respected his creativity, so I asked if we could share Papi Yavi with him. Noah said, “of course dude, its your name also.”

So here I am today, Chef Papi Yavi, cooking clean and healthy food.

paleo-cartoonMy definition of clean and healthy food stems from Paleo based nutrition. I am not claiming to be 100% paleo but I dig the idea of eating wholesome, natural occurring ingredients, i.e. healthy food. If it has a label, lasts forever in the pantry, contains ingredients I can’t pronounce then I don’t typically cook with it. Every now and then I like to cook with cheese or get down on some cinnamon rolls (usually for Evelyn’s work parties), but that doesn’t mean I don’t try and make everything with clean, wholesome ingredients.

I love cooking heathy food, period. Whether substituting cauliflower for potatoes, rice or pizza dough. Replacing mayonnaise with Greek yogurt, using almond meal instead of flour and Limiting sugars and other carbohydrates. I avoid prepackaged foods with labels – all for the greater good of living and eating a clean and healthy lifestyle.

We all love to indulge, at least I know I do. If you’re looking for a 100% healthy food, paleo only food blog, this is not it. You will find great twists on recipes, unique and creative healthy cooking tips, pizza, cookies, and everything in-between.

Feel free to contact me at Josh@chefpapiyavi.com.

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